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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
I completely disagree here. I find paying $15 for a lousy map pack, is fucking obscene. It's very much like the GH problem with song packs. Especially, when a good portion of the maps, are just imports from older versions of the franchise.

Put it into perspective. Would you pay $60 for a game, with 16 maps, and no campaign? I sure as fuck wouldn't.
I already do pay $60 for games where I don't play the campaign. Games like COD, Starhawk, and Need for Speed are just several in which I have never played the campaign on. I just have no interest in it. I get more lasting appeal from games like those through there online capabilities. I've tried the campaigns on them and I just don't like them that much. But games like Metal Gear Solid, Twisted Metal, etc... I play the hell out of the campaign and never even touch the online aspect, and I'll gladly pay $60 for them.

It just comes down to what you like to do and what you like to play. If I pay $60 plus dollars on a game, I usually make damn sure I get good use out of it, whether that be through campaign, multiplayer, or both.
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