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If "retired at the top of stats" is all that mattered, they'd just wait every 15 years to take a 5-second look at all-time lists like a certain muttering mouthbreather I know and induct a new class instead of inducting classes every single year.

If I'm saying it's all about rings, you're saying it's not about rings at all. Which notion is more fucking ridiculous? Yours. The very best players on dynasties get in; deal with it. That's the way it's always been. By the way, if it was all about rings, Charles Haley would've been automatic since he has five rings. Personally I don't think a good case can be made for Haley other than the rings.

But it's not all about rings; it's about being the 2nd best receiver in the league to Rice (Sharpe was also right there) over a five-year period when your team was winning three Super Bowls.

Pro Bowls don't mean shit; go watch figthure skating. In Irvin's suspension shortened '96 season, he had more yardage in 11 games than Reed had in three of his FULL Pro Bowl seasons. Think about that.
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