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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post

How can you be so sure? Look at the growing number of complaints that come with each new rendition of COD, or the FPS genre in general. It's the same thing that happened with GH, only difference is people are still buying FPSs. That could easily change, and if FPSs go down, the entire industry will suffer, because every company out there, has their hand in that pie.

You can never say never in any business. Nobody saw the first videogame crash coming either. It just sort of happenned, due to greed, lack of creativity, and complacency that the customer base will always be there no matter what. The perfect storm, so to speak. It's the same shit that's going on right now, they just haven't hit the tsunami yet.

Nintendo is suffering right now. THQ just shut it's doors. Sony's survival is nothing short of a miracle. The signs are all there. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be some negative jerk, shitting on the industry for the hell of it. I love the industry, which is why I find it troubling that history is repeating itself.

The industry might be too big to fail, like Hollywood, but it's not a guarantee by any means.
Yea but are the complaints relevant to the product in which the consumer is getting? Or is just bitching to bitch? With GH it's obvious that the standalone songs and song packs were absolutely ridiculously overpriced and people have a right to be upset, but I look at games like FPS and think that it's honestly not that bad. Like the new DLC for Black Ops 2 includes more than any other DLC pack Treyarch/IW have ever released (I'm fairly sure), and it's still the same price as any other DLC they have released. 4 new multiplayer maps, a new zombie map, and a new weapon. Not bad in my mind for 15 bucks. Considering you get to play them for as long as you want, they aren't going anywhere until they finally take the servers down, which could be 10-15 years down the road. Pretty good for a small investment. And that's just the online aspect, your single player DLC is never going anywhere. I mean is it overpriced compared to what it's costing them to make? Sure it is, but that's most things in life. Until I feel that I'm being totally ripped off, I'll keep buying DLC.

As far as Sony goes, I'm surprised they haven't completely tanked either. Which is sad because I love their products for the most part. Sony has tons of problems but their gaming has always been the one aspect that has kept them afloat, for the most part. Other than the PS3's horrible start that is. I hope they can get back to par here and get things straightened out soon.
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