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Originally Posted by DudeClassicMan View Post
It's not the Hall Of Lame Longevity. It's the Hall Of Fame. There's absolutely nothing wrong about one of three of the equally most valuable players on a three-time Super Bowl Champion getting in before a bunch of other guys of lesser or similar quality careers. If Super Bowls meant that little, then the Hall of Fame truly would be a fucking joke. Just like you're a fucking joke for comparing Irvin to David Patten and Deion Branch.
The only Joke is you when you have no clue of the hall of fame.

when Andre Reed retired he was 3rd<<<<< that's right you read it>>> 3rd in all time in yardage and 1ST in receptions and 4th in touchdowns.

Where was Irvin? You just cannot grasp this concept and to think Pro-Bowls are meaningless is asinine when before 1995 the COACHES and PLAYERS voted them 100% in so that means COACHES respected Andre enough to vote him to the pro-bowl the same with players wow he must of been elite he must of been a well round terrifc player to go 7 straight pro-bowls.

The Hall Of Fame has over 25% of players that never won a fucking superbowl and a good portion never even played in a superbowl to think it's all about rings is FUCKING RETARDED.

If superbowls meant that much why are these players in the hall of fame? Oh that's right most of them retired at the top of the stats just like Andre Reed.

Lem Barney
Barry Sanders
Steve Largent
Elvin Bethea
Bob Brown
Dick Butkus
Earl Cambell
Joe DeLamielleure
Eric Dickerson
Dan Dierdorf
Carl Eller
Dan Fouts
Chris Hanburger
John Hannah
Ken Houston
Jimmy Johnson
Charlie Joiner
Jim Kelly
Leroy Kelly
Paul Krause
Floyd Little
James Lofton
Tom Mack
Dan Marino
Bruce Matthews
Randall McDaniel
Warren Moon
Mike Munchak
Anthony Munoz
Ozzie Newsome
Merlin Olsen
Alan Page
John Randle
Charlie Sanders
Gale Sayers
Lee Roy Selmon
O.J Simpson
Jackie Slater
Bruce Smith
Jackie Smith
Dwight Stephenson
Fran Tarkenton
Charley Taylor
Derrick Thomas
Thurman Thomas
Andre Tippett
Roger Wehrli
Dave Wilcox
Kellen Winslow
Ron Yary
Jack Youngblood
Gary Zimmerman
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