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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
How does it not? Do you think they actually started working on those map packs after launch? Are maps not "content"?

They're not "adding missions" though. They're releasing portions of the game that were completed at launch, but held back to fleece consumers down the road. It is smart business for the time being, but it might have consequences down the road, if people get wise to the scheme.

Obviously, Guitar Hero is the example of how treating you're customers like drooling fucking retards, can backfire. People finally clued in that they were paying $60 for what essentially should've been cheap song packs.

Mass Effect 3 had an entire character arc, that was integral to the story, as day 1 DLC.

Other than that, practically every single game today has day 1 DLC in some form or another. Whether it be character skins, map packs, special item bundles, etc. Next time you're on XBLA, or the PSN, check out any random game, and look at the amount of "extras" that are available. You'll be stunned at how much pointless DLC there is, that you never even knew was there.

Some guy at GT broke down the DLC for Dead Space 3. If you want to play the "full experience", it will cost you $101, launch. Give it a year, and it will be close to $200, if not more.
What I'm saying is that most DLC is not integral to the main story. I don't consider DLC has holding content back, rather it's an extra option for the consumer to add things to the game if he/she so chooses. You may pay for DLC that includes extended forms of the storyline, but usually it's not going to effect the core story for people who choose not to purchase DLC. And yes, I realize most DLC is already done when the games come out, but what would be the point from a business perspective, of releasing it all at once? The point of DLC is to keep people playing your game until you put another one out. Guitar Hero is an exception to the rule and I agree with you on that, but most companies aren't going to receive the backlash that GH did, nor should they. It's a way to make money between games, and it is ultimately the consumer's choice in whether or not he/she buys the DLC content. Now I've never played Dead Space so I really can't comment on that, but what was the DLC that made it a "full experience"? I've said it a lot and I'll say it one more time, IMO, if the DLC you purchase doesn't effect the main core story of the game, then it shouldn't count as withholding content. Not trying to start anything, this is just my opinion.
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