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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
They're not "adding missions" though. They're releasing portions of the game that were completed at launch, but held back to fleece consumers down the road. It is smart business for the time being, but it might have consequences down the road, if people get wise to the scheme.
Think of it as deleted scenes that got cut from the game, but are available for people to play if they are into that sort of thing. Sure, they could include it, but what's the point if they can make profit on it? And if I enjoy a game (Like I did with Mass Effect) then I'm happy to pay extra, whether it was completed on day one or not.

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Mass Effect 3 had an entire character arc, that was integral to the story, as day 1 DLC.
Yes, but that entire arc isn't anything special and basically only provides back story for people who enjoy that kind of thing.
Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Other than that, practically every single game today has day 1 DLC in some form or another. Whether it be character skins, map packs, special item bundles, etc. Next time you're on XBLA, or the PSN, check out any random game, and look at the amount of "extras" that are available. You'll be stunned at how much pointless DLC there is, that you never even knew was there.
Is the pointless DLC necessary? Are you missing anything? Never.

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Some guy at GT broke down the DLC for Dead Space 3. If you want to play the "full experience", it will cost you $101, launch. Give it a year, and it will be close to $200, if not more.
Collector's edition DLC isn't necessary at all. People use the "full experience" cop out because the they think since they played it, they would've missed out had they not gotten to.
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