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More from the Crypt of Terror-Horror from the South of the Border-Vol. 1...

Demon Rat (1992)

In the bleak future pollution is causing animals and insects to mutate, including a rat or something. Whatever

This is possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The rat monster is cheesy and kind of cool but there's too much focus on a boring love triangle that completely kills the movie. It also doesn't help the movie looks ultra cheap and the acting is shit.

I love me some horror trash but I HATE boring horror trash.


Grave Robbers (1990)

A bunch of dumb ass grave robbin' teens looking for treasure accidently revive a satantist with an axe to grind.

After the depressingly bad Demon Rat I really needed to this one and I was so happy to see it delivered. These Mexican film producers really knew how to emulate our slasher films. The badass killer, the gory kills, the dumbass teens, it's all here. Well no nudity but I was having too much fun to care.

Some truly nasty kills here including a poor schmuck who gets his guts ripped out from the inside out.


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