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Originally Posted by nancylives! View Post
why no mention of rod smith from you? he had great numbers and won two superbowls.

anyway, your clearly a smart cat. let's get baked and have this conversation during an espn top ten show, kay?
I'm all for sitting at a table and barking football back and forth a doobie may just make it better!

I mentioned Rod Smith a few pages back in the group of Keenan/Jimmy/Rod

Michael was a good receiver on an excellent team and if he hadn't gotten hurt who knows what the numbers would of ended up as.

But for him to go in before the likes of Henry Ellard,Andre Reed,Cris Carter,Irving Fryar to me is just wrong.

Steve Largent never went to a superbowl and neither did Barry Sanders but when they retired there numbers were in the top 5 and when Andre Reed retired he was 3rd<<<<< that's right you read it>>> 3rd in all time in yardage and 1ST in receptions and 4th in touchdowns.

The bias is all these receivers retired within 5 years of each other so when Cris retired 2 years later he climbed the ladder to number 1 in those stats and when Fryar retired in 2000 he still had more than Michael same with Henry Ellard in 98 but because Michael had 3 rings he gets in before them even though his numbers were SIGNIFICANTLY lower? Then why Is Steve Largent in the hall of fame? It's BIAS there are plenty of Hall Of Famers that didn't even reach a superbowl but they are in the hall because their BODY OF WORK.

In his four Super Bowls, Reed recorded 27 receptions, the second most total career Super Bowl receptions in NFL history (behind Rice's 33). His 323 total Super Bowl receiving yards are the third most in Super Bowl history

Even if you say it was because it was a blowout think about Jerry Rices records in the superbowl when they blew out the Broncos and Chargers.

But I respect you! Where as I don't respect Dude because he can't handle anyones opinion but his own and just throws insults when someone doesn't agree with him that's typical troll behavior.

Michael Irvin should still be waiting to get in and in 20 years when they elect senior members through that process I wouldn't care if he got in for his body of work.

But being in before them guys it's pathetic in my opinion.
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