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Originally Posted by Justin_Voorhees View Post
When a company is talking about DLC before a game is even released they are obviously holding back content just so they can milk the player base even more.
This is a disturbing trend that is happening more and more and people just accept it.
Releasing DLC is fine but it should be months down the road. IF a DLC comes out the day/week/month of a new games release that's a rip off.
I must have played at least a dozen games in which I later bought DLC packs for, and not one of those packs were integral towards the storyline whatsoever. If your playing FPS, map packs don't count as "holding back content" and sandbox games that add side missions like, Skyrim and GTA, only add to what's already there to keep the gamer interested in playing the game after completion. It's a business strategy and a good one. Plus, what company releases DLC the first day or week of the game's release? I've never heard or seen that before.
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