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Originally Posted by nancylives! View Post
well, delusional or not, the hall felt he deserved to be in first. and as comical as using pro-bowls as any kind of measure of greatness, why do you put more stock in pro bowl voting than hall of fame voting? i mean, people in the hall of fame vote for who gets to join them, you know? they felt michael deserved to be with them ahead of those other guys. and i believe there's a conspiracy against cowboys in the hall; i mean, how many fucking seventies rams are in there.

oh yeah, and you didn't really respond to my post about you making andre reed's hall case on the basis of garbage yards (those are yards gained when the other team slacks off because they're throttling the loser. andre, and all of your friends were much more used tothis scenerio than michael, who often was done, as dallas was running down the clock on another win.
Coaches,Fans,Players don't vote in the hall of fame

The hall of Fame is voted 100% by sports writers

If you don't think there is Bias in sports writing that's crazy.

If the fans/coaches/players voted him in also I wouldn't have as big of a deal with it but voting in Michael before Irving,Cris,Andre is just pure bullshit.
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