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Originally Posted by Myerszilla View Post
It'd be like making another Batman series & using Ra's al Ghul, the Joker, Two-Face, & Bane all over again instead of grasping the opportunity to utilize new characters.
I'm sure if there was a Batman reboot, The Joker and Bane would be the first used.

And my point is when you remake a film, the entire point is to add to the legacy and universe of the series you're rebooting and to improve on certain shortcomings the original film(s) may have had. (Done flawlessly in Last House and Hills IMO)

And if you take away the original characters it's going to take a very skilled filmmaker to create their own world where you can care about/relate to the characters. Zombie didn't need to do anything special in his remake to have me care about Laurie. I already did going in. You see what I'm saying?
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TDK is overrated.
Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Attention whore.

I've said it a couple times before, and I'll say it again. There is only one Oxley, and you ain't him bub. Quit feigning crazy. It's getting pathetic.
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Se7en...STFU. Stop trying to out stupid Oxley. Oxley is actually amusing with his craziness.

You're just a bland and dull rip off.
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