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Originally Posted by Frey View Post
I disagree. I find H2 pretty hated by horror communities online like BD. I would seriously hope in 20 or so years from now someone who is getting into horror would prefer the original Halloween/Halloween 2 over this. Same goes for TCM. I would rather have the original any day then the remake.
That's all subjective to opinion, but BD is literally the only place I've seen as of late that's still harsh towards Rob's H2. Everywhere else everyone has calmed down & I've talked to a lot of people who used to hate it, and now they love it.

Rob's H2 is most certainly better than the original HII. I mean, sure, the original HII is a classic, but it has way more flaws than Rob's H2. It completely misses the point of the original while taking up the level of gore to follow F13th, & it introduces a very poor storyline that John Carpenter himself admitted only came about because he was drunk & didn't know what to write.

I understand why people don't like Rob's H2: because it's different, but these are the same people who were clamoring for something new to be done. This is the only movie that makes sense of the brother/sister story angle while adding more depth to both Laurie & Michael instead of him being the terminator he was in the sequels where he was more or less a bad Voorhees clone.

Haha, didn't mean to ramble, but that's just my two cents on the whole shit. I'm not a fanboy by any means, but from a fan's perspective as well as a filmmaking perspective, I don't see anything horrible about Zombie's H2.

As for TCM, out of the three recent installments, the remake is the only one that's going to be remembered in twenty or thirty years. One day everybody's going to go "Texas Chainsaw 3D? what's that?"
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