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Originally Posted by Myerszilla View Post
Imo, there's nothing wrong with adding to the legacy as long as it's a good movie that can stand on it's own merits. The problem with the TCM series is that they seem to just get anybody to put together a movie & end up completely missing the point and flavor of the original.
Nightmare on Elm Street
The Thing (Prequel, but basically a remake)
Friday the 13th
The Wicker Man
The Hitcher
Children of the Corn
Prom Night
The Fog
The Omen

Good sequels/reboots are hard to come by (I can only think of 5-6 that are actually good) and there is no reason to continue piling on bullshit movies to make a quick buck, which is what they do and will continue to do for as long as they make money. Occasionally they will hire a good writer/director who gets the source material and it will work (Dawn, Hills, Last House) but is it really worth it?
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Put "2 Fast 2 Furious" in B&W and Se7en thinks he's watching a Bergman film.
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