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Originally Posted by KittenInTheBrain View Post
Outrageous Conduct: Art, Ego, and the Twilight Zone Case by Stephen Farber & Marc Green. A friend gave it to me, as he said it made him hate John Landis. I always thought the tragic deaths were a horrible but "honest" accident... they weren't. So many people needed to be held accountable, it's insane. Landis has blood on his hands and he never gave one shit (at Vic Morrow's funeral, he actually said "At least he died making a great film." IN A EULOGY)

It's also an interesting and weird glimpse into the Hollywood power structure.
Yeah, Landis was completely careless. I remember reading somewhere that he and most of the crew were coked up at the time as well. So...coke, explosives, helicopter's hovering 20 feet above ground and a psycho director...not a good mix.

There's another book on this incident called Special Effects, and it says that Spielberg was on set immediately after the accident and hauled ass before the authorities arrived...

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