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Originally Posted by Frey View Post
So I almost got into an all out fist fight with my wifes father today. He is a very fucked up guy who is in his mid 60s and has always lived home with his mother who is 86. He never says things to anyones faces, instead he bitches at her grandmother. Today her grandmother was bringing me some taco meat to her front door as we were getting ready to leave her house and go home. Her dad then in the other room says she needs to get off her lazy ass and fix food herself. I yelled back and told him to say things to peoples faces instead of behind their backs so he comes up behind me as Im walking out the door yelling at me and calling me a fatass girl and that he only needed 5 seconds to knock me out. I turned toward him and told him to shut the fuck up and then he came at me but my wifes grandmother jumped in front of him and he stopped and started talking shit again. I just laughed at him and got in the car. Hes such an asshole. He says our son is a sissy with a sissy name so he calls him Bo like hes some sort of redneck. Id love to kick his ass.
Family shit gets complicated so quickly, and the older people get the less chance you have that they will change. Kudos to you for sticking up for yourself.
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