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Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post
I remember it actually freaked me out quite a bit as well. When I first saw it I was living in a college dorm and my girlfriend was asleep next to me, I was pondering waking her up to keep me company.

I'm a little bitch, whatever.
Don't worry man, I gasped extremely loudly when
Spoiler Below
the pizza boy found out that Greta wasn't the babysitter
That's the scene that really got me going with the film.

Originally Posted by Ultimate High View Post
The inkeepers was cool but it felt like he just fell in love with the lead and forgot was making a horror film. The problem's only emphasized by the painfully weak payoff. Trigger Man is shit; House of the Devil is awesome.

I like Ti's style and look forward to his films, if only for the change of pace. It should also be noted that he has an exceptional "eye" for talent.

Both are extremely attractive.
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