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Originally Posted by Se7en XxSinzXx View Post
They may have tried, but they definitely haven't tried well. Booking him as the biggest pussy in the business the last few months hasn't helped, neither has the three hour shows which I'm sure has been a big part of the reason the ratings have dropped. (I'm sure the Nash/HHH BS in 2011 didn't help either.)
The only thing that really hurt Punk, was how his initial run with the title was handled. He shouldn't have come back so soon. I could literally feel the heat being sucked away from him.

The HHH feud was pointless, but it was also where I noticed how inconsistant Punk is with his promo work. The thing is, Punk has never been able to capture that same magic he had, when he delivered the "shoot heard 'round the world". He didn't really live up to the hype, and the fans have never universally warmed up to him. This is why he's gone through three personality changes in the past year. They're trying anything to get this guy noticed.

And you can't blame Punk for bad ratings. You could have Taker, HBK, Lesnar and the Rock all on the same show and there wouldn't be much of a difference.
The Rock boosts ratings everytime he's on RAW, so no, I don't agree with you there. Punk just isn't a "star". He doesn't have that aura about him(nobody on the roster really does these days). He can't get the fans in the palm of his hands, like a guy like The Rock can.

There is some truth to what Lawler said to Punk a while ago on RAW.

"You couldn't electrify a fishbowl, if you threw a toaster in it"

And with Taker, my more realistic opinion is that it will be Rock/Punk/Cena. But if not Punk, who would Taker face?
Well, now that Lesnar is signed for two more years, I would like to see him face Taker at WM, instead of HHH. Everyone is so damn sure that HHH will the saviour of Mcmahon, but I think it would be a great bait and switch, if Taker was the guy.

History shows that Brock owns HHH. So, you have HHH come to make the save, but he fails, and gets his ass handed to him. Then, with Mcmahon, HHH, and maybe even Shane lying near dead in the ring, with Lesnar and Heyman standing above them all, seemingly having taken the WWE by force, the lights dim, the gong hits, and Taker saves his lifelong employer, and frienemy.

That is much more interesting to me, than yet another "respect" angle with Punk.

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