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Originally Posted by TheHorrorGuru View Post
I think it's safe to say Rob Zombie has already given us his versions of both TCM and TCM 2 with House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. Him doing a Chainsaw film would just be a rehash of concepts he already perfected.
Yeah, he barely even bothered making Moseley a different character than Chop Top in House of 1000 Corpses. And wholly lifted the facial peel from TCM 2 for Rejects.

The funny thing concerning remakes of sequels is that TCM 2 was a perfectly acceptable canonical wrap-up of the series; even more so than Halloween II because it was at least already established that normal human being type shit couldn't just finish Michael Myers leaving a backdoor open to restart that franchise. But Leatherface? Nope, normal guy; no supernatural hocus pocus allowed, got his fucking intestines chainsawed out by Ranger Enright. Franchise over.

Which is why I still maintain TCM 3 itself was a total reboot. Also it didn't bother explaining how grandmother rejuvenated herself from a mummified corpse to some old but hardly ancient scumpwucket whore with a tracheotomy. At least the '03 remake still holds the distinction of the last of the big four franchise entries (remake or sequel) worth being taken seriously. "TCM:The Beginning" was cash-in torture porn since you knew there were going to be no survivors going into that one.
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