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Originally Posted by Frey View Post
Tombstone - 10/10

Holy shit! I am not a big western fan and I had seen bits and pices of this before but never the whole thing and I was blown away. The entire cast was superb. If he didnt one for it, Val Kilmer deserved an academy award for playing Doc Holiday. That was by far his best role Ive ever seen, even better than Jim Morrison. Everything that came out of his mouth was fucking poetry. Aside from Kurt Russel's incredibly fake stache he was awesome as well. I guess the only thing I didnt like wasnt really about the movie but how Billy Zane looked. Why is it everything he is in they make him look like an absolute flamer? Anyway I loved it and found the final scene between Wyatt and Doc heartbreaking. Easily the best western I have ever seen.
You're missing out on a fanfuckingtastic Genre my good sir. Honestly right behind Horror westerns is my 2nd favorite Genre. Check out The Wild Bunch next if you can get around to it.

Originally Posted by Freddy_Lives View Post
You really need to watch The Dollars Trilogy,Unforgiven,3:10 to Yuma,Rio Bravo,Outlaw Of Josey Wales,High Noon,High Plains Drifter,Pale Rider,WESTWORLD etc!

So many westerns better than Tombstone granted I like the film but it's way down the list in the western world.
^This! Tombstone although awesome its in the bottom 3 of the barrel. You can watch ALOT of awesome ones on Youtube such as the Trinity movies, some of the lesser known Django movies, and anything with Lee Van Cleef. If ya have any troubles finding a good one hit up some of us who loves this Genre and we'll throw some good ole recommends your way .

On another note I LOVE your Sig Freddy. That movie use to bother me to no end when I was a kid and one of the most beautiful animated movies ever made right behind Grave of the Fireflies.

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