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Crocodile Dundee 2 - 8/10

I saw a pic of Paul Hogan and his bitch from the series the other day and my god he has not aged well. He actually looked like Clint Eastwood's doppelganger.

Tombstone - 10/10

Holy shit! I am not a big western fan and I had seen bits and pices of this before but never the whole thing and I was blown away. The entire cast was superb. If he didnt one for it, Val Kilmer deserved an academy award for playing Doc Holiday. That was by far his best role Ive ever seen, even better than Jim Morrison. Everything that came out of his mouth was fucking poetry. Aside from Kurt Russel's incredibly fake stache he was awesome as well. I guess the only thing I didnt like wasnt really about the movie but how Billy Zane looked. Why is it everything he is in they make him look like an absolute flamer? Anyway I loved it and found the final scene between Wyatt and Doc heartbreaking. Easily the best western I have ever seen.
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