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Originally Posted by Ginobili View Post
I know what you mean about the outside environments. I played that part listening to the theme from The Thing (the good one) and it made it more enjoyable.

Has anyone beaten hardcore mode in DS2? I've been thinking about giving it a shot before DS3 comes out after reading what 3's hardcore mode is like.
I can see how that would make it better, but you shouldn't need to listen to music completely unrelated to the game to make it better. One of the major things that made Dead Space scary for me was playing it with my Turtle Beaches on the highest volume.

And Hardcore is easy. Just make use of Stasis and stick to the line gun/plasma cutter and it's smooth sailing.

Originally Posted by zaglewiz View Post
Online wise I do WWE 13 and will admit I'm pretty decent at it. Most of the time here anymore I play alot of CastleMiner Z with my kids since they love Minecraft and all and it was only a dollar. Honestly for 80 microsoft points you can't go wrong. Any of you guys do Bing Rewards? I've been gathering a shit ton of Xbox Live Points from doing that every day.
I tried to do the Bing thing, but at the time it was only available to Americans.
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Put "2 Fast 2 Furious" in B&W and Se7en thinks he's watching a Bergman film.
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