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Originally Posted by Freddy_Lives View Post
I don't get the hate for 98 zilla I went to the theater and enjoyed myself! Did I think it was a true godzilla flick hmm no but it was still a decent movie.
That's the primary issue that resulted in the film not being well received than it otherwise probably would have been. It wasn't a *true* Godzilla film. And as a consequence, was extremely perplexing to fans and casual fans alike who walked in and watched a film titled, "Godzilla" that had the monster fleeing from helicopters, and whatever other nonsense implemented by Devlin and Emmerich to distance themselves as much as possible from what Toho had previously established in any one of their efforts.

As a giant monster Kaiju movie, Zilla '98 is fine. As a Godzilla movie, it's not.
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