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Originally Posted by Ginobili View Post
I'm not a fan of the enemies who shoot at you in a survival game either. Resident Evil 6 was pretty much that at its worst with 75% of the enemies having machine guns. Total overkill. The J'avo are some of the worst video game enemies ever. For DS though I can kinda see why they have it
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since Isaac is public enemy #1 in the DS universe with him destroying the marker and all.
It may make sense story-wise but as a person who enjoys survival horror, it completely takes me out of the experience.

I also don't know what they're trying to accomplish with the bright snow environment, but that's also something that doesn't work very well. How are we supposed to be scared when we see/ are exposed to everything? Half of what made the first two scary was the lighting/darkness of it.

Hopefully it's only a small part of the game.
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