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Originally Posted by kevinb View Post
I'm partial to the Showa Series
I always found the Showa era to be incredibly fun to watch. Though I will acknowledge there's alot of nostalgia that goes along with that.

King Kong Vs Godzilla was my introduction to Godzilla. I also recall renting 1984 on VHS and that was the very last Godzilla film I watched till a few years AFTER High School circa 2001. So I missed out on quite a bit.
The Heisei Era of Godzilla movies had quite a large gap in getting released stateside, so it's understandable falling off the wagon on that one. We got 1985, and Biollante on HBO, but that was essentially it until the 1998 Tristar Zilla movie was about to make it's theatrical rounds, where we finally got official english dub releases of the rest of the Heisei films that alot of us could only read about.

^^ That's the exact copy I owned of KK/Godzilla and it was released in 1987, so I was around 6 years old. I upgraded to the Classic Media DVDS a few years ago. Swell releases. They usually include two versions on the disc.
Yup. That's the one I had as well. I have the 2005 Universal DVD of King Kong vs. Godzilla that was released to coincide with Peter Jackson's King Kong, but really wouldn't mind another release with some extras this time.
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