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I think they're still taking into account the reboot's huge second weekend drop. It set a record for biggest horror movie opening ever (which it still holds) by raking in over $43 million, but if I'm not mistaken it also broke a record for biggest second week drops, by dropping 67% in attendance.

Truthfully, that isn't a totally bad sign, considering they made back every penny in just three days. The budget was $19 million, & assuming the promotion/marketing costs ran the same, they spent about $38 million on the movie, & made it all back in the first weekend.

Now, personally, if you really look at the business side of things, it says a lot that it's been able to keep that record for four years. Everyone came out the woodwork to see Jason in action again. Plus it was Valentine's Day weekend, which also helped tremendously.

I don't think the second week drop was necessarily a showcase of how "bad" the film was so much as it just showed that everyone who wanted to see it got out there the first weekend. I'm pretty sure a sequel would do about the same numbers, considering there likely won't ever be a horror slasher as popular as Jason.

But, at the same token, it may be a good thing that they didn't jump right into the sequel. Gives audiences a breather from Jason again, which can help build anticipation. I suspect that if we don't get word on a sequel sometime this year or by 2014 that we'll likely be treated to another reboot, which isn't all bad, but does suck that it'd pretty much exclude Derek Mears from being Jason again.

All in all, I just want another good F13th movie. The reboot is the best we've gotten in a long, long time, & I'd like for them to get people attached to the project that are going to want to make a great movie and not just think "F13th = huge profit already so let's throw some shit together." I don't think anyone wants another Jason Takes Manhattan or Jason Goes to Hell.
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