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Minecraft - I finally "get it" now. Possibly one of the most confusing user interfaces ever conceived, but once you "get it", it's pretty damn impressive, and really hard to put down. My mind is racing with all of the possibilities that this game delivers, and I haven't even really scratched the surface yet. I'm still just building a cobblestone castle. It's a "creation" game, that doesn't make me feel like a fucking idiot. Thanks to the block geometry, I can actually build stuff that I imagine in my head. It's awesome.

As for the negative, I wish you could turn off the "nght time" bullshit. I don't want to fight anything, I just want to build. It's not so bad though, because when they arrived, I started to dig an underground tunnel from my shitty log cabin, to my huge castle. No matter what is going on in the game, there is always something fresh to do. It's one of the most robust games I've ever played.

I've been denouncing this game for years, becuase I just couldn't wrap my brain around it. The 360 version came with a damn fine tutorial though, that finally brought me around. I seriously can't praise this game enough now. Count me in as a fan.


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