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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
I don't think it says too much. Good horror movies get thrashed at the BO as well. To have a #1 weekend, is impressive for any hard R-rated horror flick to pull off. I was pretty damn shocked when it hit #1.

If the sequel doesn't do well, that would be more telling. Similar to how H2 did.
Doesn't most horror only drop 45-55% the second week? A 76% drop seems a bit outside the norm but you're right it probably doesn't mean much (but fun to examine). I can't remember the last time a horror movie opened at number one and dropped to the ninth spot the second week. Usually it seems like they drop to 5-6 at the most. Keep forgetting the sequel attribute and lots of good movies out though so once again maybe it don't mean all that much Guess I'm passively looking for reasons not to blow money going to see it at the theater.
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