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The Living Dead
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Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post
Yes! Sam Rockwell totally stole the show for me.
Hell yeah he did. He's so underrated and needs some more starring roles, like Moon. He crushed that film too.

Originally Posted by SeanBrown View Post
The Theatre Bizzare - 7.5/10

A really "bizzare" and fucked up movie this was, so it was definitely right up my alley.
Forgot about this, remember wanting to check it out though. I'm on it.

Originally Posted by Yggdrasil View Post
Gangster Squad (2013) - 7.5/10

While it's not the most original or smartest thing ever put to film, it's tons of fun. The acting is all around great, and it's really badass at times.

Don't expect it to be a period piece or something, since it's just a modern day action film set in the past.
Good to hear. I saw what the critics were saying about the writing and shit, but I don't really expect the greatest of screenplays from this anyway. I just want what you just explained, a fun badass gangster flick with a lot of violence. I'm looking forward to it.
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