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Originally Posted by Hannibal Rex View Post
Kind of reminds me of (sorry, it's been so long that I forgot her name; I'm sure Bear Jew would remember) the Asian chick who was into the whole H2 Fiends thing.

I've only seen it once but I was under the impression that
Spoiler Below
every country did it to increase the chances of success. I mean, if they fail, the gods don't just destroy that country but the world, right?
That's my guess too. But say it took only one country to pull it off. Isn't that a lot of excess causalities from all the other countries? I guess it maybe be "justified" to meet certain goals, but still seems like it could end up to be many more human deaths than necessary.

Another thought I had is the idea behind the image the victims portrayed, such as The Whore, The Jock, The Virgin, etc... I get the concept, but how did that apply to the kids in Japan who were only elementary students? I doubt any of them had accepted their role as a "whore" yet. At least I would hope not.
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