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Originally Posted by bloodydollface View Post
Just bought this movie earlier today and recently finished my second viewing of it. I found it even better the 2nd time. The only thing I don't understand is why every country (or a least a few) do this same "ritual." Is it just a fail-safe to make sure that the "Gods" are pleased in case of a failure of a country(s) (like in the movie)? Or does each country have a separate ritual and set of Gods to please?
It's not completely clear, but I think there is just one set of Gods. The workers mention something about China being able to do it better, so it's possible they all have to please the same Gods.

After multiple viewings you'll catch more and more stuff.

Originally Posted by Caustic Coffee View Post
That's crazy. I'm, in no way, a sexist, but I guess I can understand the whole "this is a classic" shenanigans.
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