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Originally Posted by flamethrowerkv View Post
Counter Strike Global Offensive,FIFA and PES.
Counter Strike: GO with m&k on ps3, works well. Fifa is my 2012 game of the year, along with Borderlands 2. Fifa is addicting as fuck.

Originally Posted by travisbickle View Post
God Of War Saga (God Of War)

I had already sold my PS2 back when the first GOW came out, so I'm just now getting a chance to play it. Good stuff!

Better late, than never!
definitely. similar situation to you, and I didn't play any of them until after I had played GOWIII. Your're playing them at the right time, though. New comes in a month or 2

Originally Posted by Gutter View Post
my brother bought me Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the xbox 360. love this game

Originally Posted by oxley View Post
I never got into that one. No idea why.

Picked up UFC Undisputed 3 yesterday, I think I played about 9 years of career mode in one sitting, then saw it was near 4am so I shut her off. Love it.
Cuz dey iz black gang membas emiright, nahsayin'?

I got $50 gift card for xmas, so I'm gonna get the physical Walking Dead game, and a 3 month ps + subscription since they are giving away Retro City Rampage, and Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition for free atm.
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