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Originally Posted by Shape View Post
Don't think they could have picked a better Robin.
I don't think they could've picked a worse character to have so much screentime.

What action sequences there are got my blood pumping more-so than the ones in TDK, and I fucking love TDK.
This is the best action sequence in any of the three films:

Again; that's all a matter of opinion.
The fact that I personally was more excited for TDK than TDKR is a matter of opinion? Ok

Any way you analyze it the fact still remains there were just as many fuck-ups in TDK as there are in TDKR.

Not even close there Mongo. There might be some gaffes here and there and like any movie of its kind one has to suspend some disbelief. But TDK doesn't have mountain sized narrative flaws like this piece does.


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