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Originally Posted by horrorking95 View Post
The action's breath-taking and intense
Well I wouldn't let Sea Hag know this. haha He might call you a moron for thinking this movie had legitimate action, due to his opinion being fact and all.

Originally Posted by Morningriser View Post
Exhibit A: A worker tells Fox that Bruce Wayne fixed the auto-pilot on the bat moths ago.

Exhibit B: Batman tells Catwoman that he will use auto-pilot to get the bomb out to sea.

Evhibit C: Alfred told Bruce he had a FANTASY (not a dream) that he keeps seeing him in the cafe and he is happy and it actually shows what Alfred sees where Bruce is sitting with his back to him. In the end Alfred sees Bruce in the cafe facing him and they both nod at one another which did not happen in Alfred's fantasy.

I think this is proof that Bruce Wayne is still alive.
bloodydollface would disagree. He believes you can't produce any solid evidence to prove that Alfred actually saw Bruce at the end. Even IF Nolan, himself, were to slap him in the face with the scene while yelling "IT'S REAL!" haha

It's up to the audience to decide whether or not Alfred actually saw Bruce.
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