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Originally Posted by Lizard King View Post
Movies nowadays portray most Christians as such, there doesn't seem to be a middle or moderate ground, typically in today's movies if a character is Christian than they automatically believe in the 5k Earth, they hate gays, the end times are a'comin grab yer guns type of Christian etc. But don't take into account that what they are portraying isn't the entire Christian belief structure on the whole, which is stereotyping.
Mocking religion has it's place in comedy, mocking a type of religion or religious leaders... ok I can see that and it isn't offensive to me but mocking a person simply for having faith or a faith delves head first into bigotry no matter how you want to spin it.
Doesn't stop it from being hilarious.

Originally Posted by Urdeadlyfriend View Post
Treevenge - 8/10
A LOT better than Hobo.

The Dark Knight Rises - 5/5
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