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The Living Dead
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Originally Posted by Santa Sangre View Post
Super 8
A bunch of kids, filming a scence for their zombie flick on a train station, are witnesses of a horrific train accident, caused by a man who intended to derail the train with his car on the tracks. The kids soon find out, that the cargo of the wrecked train is more than meets the eye. Soon, their town experiences strange and unnatural events, caused by an yet unknown force to them.
I loved that movie a lot, seriously. All likeable characters with many cross references to the horror genre and early Spielberg films, in which kids with wide-open eyes are the main characters and having with their experienced adventures the time of their lives. Plus, the action was mainly outstanding, especially the derailment of the train, a total blast. And the kid's zombie film at the end was awesome as well, totally loved it.

I think I must have the Blu-ray.

Love this film.

Looper - 10/10

Second viewing with a better copy, and loved it even more. Such an awesome film.
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