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Originally Posted by HorrorMovieFan View Post
"The Ten Commandments (1956)"......One of the best epic and religious movies ever. Grand scale and scope,beautiful directing and art direction, gorgeous costumes, top notch cast, wonderful special effects(for that time), and terrific music score make up this huge epic hit!! The wonderful Charlton Heston as "Moses" is fantastic. The absolutely ravishing,brooding, and sexy Yul Brynner as "Rameses" is superb!! I absolutely love the lovely Yvonne DeCarlo as "Sephora". Beautifully done performance..full of strength,grace, and subtleness. Anne Baxter as the desperate lovelorn "Nefretiri" was hit and miss for me. She was strong in about 80% of her scenes but the rest was over the top and campy. The same goes for Edward G.Robinson as "Dathan". The beautiful Debra Paget as "Lilia" was also a wonderful supporting player. Cedric Hardwicke was superb as "Sethi"...Rameses father. Where was his Oscar nomination for Supporting Actor? The rugged and suave John Derek as "Joshua" is also a pleasure to watch. What a hunk!! Love the parting of the sea...the water turning to blood....the angel of death scenes...etc etc!! The Ten Commandments is a cinematic treasure!! It was nominated for Best Picture and 6 technical awards and won for special effects. But the cast was royally snubbed of nominations. NOT one was nominated. A real pity!!
epic movie

V/H/S - 7/10 .. Pretty good movie. Could easily be an 8 if they didn't go with the lazy ending.
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