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Originally Posted by black coffee View Post
No, that part was hilarious.

I can't really see why Christians is offended that scene...unless you have a giant stick up your ass. They weren't making fun of moderate religious people, but the people who believe the Earth is 5000 years old and denies every single piece of evolutionary evidence.
Yes, so it is. Paul facepalmed the bigotry, not the faith itself. Or better: the bigotry originally caused by fanatism in Christianity. Could have beem Muslims as well, didn't matter. If you reflect that scene in the van, when they first encounter each other, than you know how it was originally meant.

Originally Posted by Lizard King View Post
Mocking religion has it's place in comedy, mocking a type of religion or religious leaders... ok I can see that and it isn't offensive to me but mocking a person simply for having faith or a faith delves head first into bigotry no matter how you want to spin it.
As I said, they didn't mock her for her belief in general, but for her bigot interpretation of it.
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Oh hey look! Kitty got claws!
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