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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
^hilarious and right on fucking point.

i cannot believe those fuckheads. hey meet tyrese! hey, kill the other black dude. why do they think viewers can't handle more than one male african american character at a time? why do they think they can be so blatantly racist? why do they think we won't notice? or do they not care? it's FUCKING tiresome.

otherwise, a solid episode, although i'm a little surprised that andrea was so cool with
Spoiler Below
the governor's heads in aquariums collection, and his zombie daughter. i'm also in a little disbelief that andrea hasn't connected everything yet, but, i wonder if the gov really believes that merle is a traitor, or it's just a ruse to get daryl to take merle back to the prison with him. the gov, zombie little girl aside, has demonstrated pretty shrewd thinking, and i just don't think he'd up and throw a powerhouse like merle to the dogs, or worse still, give merle a reason to want revenge.

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