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Apparently, some more footage was shown to a select few. Here's the reaction:

BNAT 2012 Information of the footage shown of evil dead The EVIL DEAD Footage I'm bummed we couldn't get to see the whole movie - due to some inside baseball politics BNAT was not able to show the movie in its entirety - but know this: I am freakishly excited for this now. The footage we saw involved a young woman, possessed by the demons in the NECRONOMICON EX MORTIS, which we get to see in detail - as she wounds herself in the face in a most gruesome manner. As a young man tries to stop her, he gets a bit of nasty business straight into his eye, and the audience screamed as he pulled a broken syringe needle out of the bottom of his eyelids. It was spectacularly gory, hardcore, and so utterly completely EVIL DEAD - down to the crazy-ass Raimiesque camera angles - that fans who are being reluctant to embrace this should put aside their misgivings. From this one scene alone, I was utterly convinced. EVIL DEAD is going to kick unholy amounts of ass.
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