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Originally Posted by Sea Hag View Post
Because there was a small scene explaining that the auto-pilot was working.
Totally overlooked it. I am not sure that this is the only "excuse" for the scene in the cafe.

Originally Posted by Sea Hag View Post
It's just not a good film bro
Maybe not as a whole, but within the trilogy it fits as an ending piece quite well. And one thing is for sure: it is a damn good action movie of epic proportions and has a very good score as well (which is strange because it is a Zimmer one). Not to mention the gorgeous IMAX sequences.

Originally Posted by Klown View Post
That's all well and good, but you're willing to overlook the holes. Whereas some of us are not. I like the film. On the technical side, it's top-notch. It's the story that starts to crumble. I don't want to re-list everything that has been mentioned, but the list of holes is quite extensive. Sure you can nitpick any film, but they shouldn't bug you after the film is long over.
They didn't bug me in the first place, because of the epic proportions of the visuals and the overall positive impression of the fact, that everything and everybody has come to peace. Sure, there are imo too many glorification moments towards the end plus some inevitable tearjerkers, but I guess they were needed for a flick of such proportions. I don't like 'em at all, but those things can be overlooked due to the already mentioned other qualitites of the movie.

Originally Posted by bloodydollface View Post
You can find plot holes in any movie. It's not that uncommon. But you when you have a trilogy, and loose ends and plot holes come into effect it can ruin a series. I loved the movie, but it isn't even close to a movie of the year nod or a perfect score. If you were rating the film solely based off of the visuals it would be perfect, but the story is not, and that's a problem. Not a major problem, but still a problem. Especially that this is the final movie in the trilogy. It needs to fill the loose plot holes, which contrary to some "do exist." Like you stated, the film does not need to be perfect, but it needed to address certain issues involving the story which were left out.
All of this, well written!

Originally Posted by Edo View Post
I always thought plot holes were such a cheap way to shit on a film. I tend to look at more of the bigger picture, and it's not because I have low standards. I have a willingness to look over all the petty things that other people frivolously babble about. It just seems like people rage about these films just for the sake of raging.
I thought it was excellent, much better than I thought it would be since I'm not a huge TDK fan.
I agree with the plothole thing, but like rusted already said, it was directed by Nolan, not a B grade director from Italy or so. You wouldn't expect such mistakes from him at all. I only can assume, that he wanted to maintain a comicbook-like character and vibe for TDKR. That would be the only excuse...

Originally Posted by Shape View Post
I'm not willing to overlook the holes...however, I am willing to look past the small things like, "how did Bruce get back to Gotham from the prison?", because there's a simple answer; he's Batman.
Yes, he is.
Another thing: everybody is talking about his broken spine after his fight with Bane. Would it have been really broken and damaged for good, he didn't have had the opportunity at all to walk again, because being permamently disabled and crippled. Spine cut = disabled.
But he is Batman.

Originally Posted by Shape View Post
I don't dwell on the little things, that would ruin every movie for me. If I wanted something more real I wouldn't be watching science fiction. haha
Talking about plot-holes and unanswered questions...there is another film called Prometheus, which had similar issues, but the outcry wasn't by far as devastating like the one from TDKR. Ridley Scott is a perfectionist as well, but he managed to built in some odd things in his latest movie as well. Kinda strange, isn't it?

Originally Posted by Shape View Post
It's apparent you're not looking for closure from the whole series but from the movies individually. I'm as big a Batman fan you'll find, but I still don't destroy the movie by noticing the little problems that weren't answered. The trilogy as a whole is quite perfect, but if you're looking at the movies individually you'll find the same unanswered questions in ALL of them.
Troof too. I you want to destroy any kind of movie, you will succeed.
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