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"Friday The 13th part 4: The Final Chapter".....I think this is the best entry in the series. It should have been the FINAL one too..just like the title says. Love the opening of the movie with the review of the previous 3 parts. Part 4 had a terrific group of different characters and a strong group of actors. Kimberly Beck delivers an engaging and thrilling performance as "Trish". One of my alltime fave characters in the whole series. Her ending scenes with the chasing and confrontation of Jason is sensational. All the emotion and fear Beck displayed was top notch!! Corey Feldman is awesome as the popular "Tommy". E. Erich Anderson as "Rob" was top notch too. What a handsome smoldering hunk of a man!! Love his character..and I felt so sorry for him. Notable mentions to other cast members...Crispen Glover.....Barbara Howard as "Sara"..and the lady that plays Mrs.Jarvis (Joan Freeman). Like I said...the whole cast is VERY strong...the best in the series. Alot of the murder scenes are so gory,brutal, and shocking. Love it!! Tom Savini did a great job once again with the makeup effects. Loved the meat cleaver to Jimmy's face and the killing of Jason with the machete. Ted White's portrayal as "Jason" is also wonderful and find his portrayal to be one of the most memorable and possibly the best. Suspense, awesome lighting, wonderful cinematography, suspenseful and moody atmosphere, some romance, great music score, and awesome gore all highlight the movie. Part 4 is absolutely great and has the last top rating in the series for me!!

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