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Originally Posted by MovieGeek View Post
How the hell did they act like the second film never happened? Did you actually watch the movie?

Just because The Joker isn't mentioned doesn't mean the second film was ignored.

You're just bitching for the sake of bitching now.
Chill out... I'm aware that this film mentions the the 2nd film and obviously cannot take place without any of that film's events. I was referring to the Joker character not being referenced, I thought it was a cop-out, but it wasn't something that actively took my pleasure away from the movie until well after I first saw this one. Just thought it should have been made much more apparent since it was a turning point in Gotham's history. Why does everybody have to get so hostile so easily around here lately?

Everybody is acting like I hated this movie. As has been stated 2093740238402384 times now, the film is a technical marvel and stands as a culmination of Nolan's efforts as a filmmaker. I have major issues with the plot, however. No need to say what has already been said.


I'm gonna watch this one more time. I like a lot of what I've read in this board and I'm gonna watch it with some new things in mind.

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