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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Darksiders 2 - Wow, talk about your underrated games. This game is un-fucking-believably awesome. It kills me at how much flack it gets, for borrowing elements from other games. Who cares, when it's this amazing? You never hear about shooters being labeled a "Half-Life clone". It takes all those elements from the greatest third person action/RPG franchises of all time, mashes them all together, and makes them it's own.

I have ZERO complaints about this game, other than some technical issues. The combat is tight. The art-style is jaw-droppingly beautiful. The exploration, and puzzles are just right. The voice work is great, as is the story. It's just an amazing experience all around. My only gripe, is that it kind of runs like shit on the 360. The framerate is pretty brutal. Other than that though, it's damn near perfect.

Thats how Darksiders 1 was, it was overlooked and ripped cause it was a zelda rip off, where I would play DS over Zelda any day of the week. Never understand the nerd-boner that series gets, and I grew up with my NES so it still baffles me.
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