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Originally Posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
I'm not quite sure about the fuss over Ti West, think it highlights the lack of prominent horror directors in recent times. I've seen Cabin Fever 2 (I know execs spoiled it) and it was very lackluster. House of the Devil, although I enjoyed it overall, fell short in the final act after a fantastic build up.

I have nothing against him though and hope he pulls off something great in The Sacrament. I've got The Innkeepers and need to check it out.

Lucky McKee is a recent director whose work I regard highly, The Woman I thought was absolutely fantastic. McKee seems to have something to say like the great directors of old which is missing too often these days.
The Woman, and May, are solid flicks.

Innkeepers is unfortunately a little on the dull side. I will say this, though. Ti West got a great performance out of the main actress.

I liked Ti's segment in V/H/S and HotD wasn't a bad movie. I'll give this one a once-over.
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