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The Living Dead
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Body Bags (6.5/10) - John Carpenter is fantastic as the coroner and the Gas Station segment is awesome (loved the nods to Halloween) but it couldn't be topped and the following stories fell flat. The casting was also fun. Overall I got a kick out of it.

Picnic at Hanging Rock
(8/10) - The eerie mystery of this is great. A top film.

Roadgames (6.5/10) (1981) - Jamie Lee Curtis in an Aussie horror (Crazy she made 6 horror films from 78-81). It had cool characters and a neat plot but it was too tame and lighthearted.

Razorback (6.5/10) - Pretty entertaining wild beast horror set in Australian outback.

I'm liking Australian horror movies, the outback is such a great setting. There should be a thread dedicated to Aussie horror.
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