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Originally Posted by bizarre_eye View Post
Also, I've finished scoring the lists and aside from myself, Fates Designer has the best list (by perfection %).
Well, fuck, that's awesome. Always nice to see some love.

I'll get around to voting later. I procrastinate everything.
2014 DRAFT

1. The Raid 2 [Evans, 2014]
2. Lost in Translation [Coppola, 2003]
3. Frances Ha [Baumbach, 2012]
4. Take Shelter [Nichols, 2011]
5. Under the Skin [Glazer, 2013]
6. The Grand Budapest Hotel [Anderson, 2014]
7. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World [Wright, 2010]
8. Lady Vengeance [Park, 2005]
9. Eastern Promises [Cronenberg, 2007]
10. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [Black, 2005]

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