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Originally Posted by rusted31 View Post
You should've just score it a H/S, because you know, you haven't seen it.
Originally Posted by oxley View Post

If people are obviously voting on something they haven't seen I don't think their vote should be counted.

Who knows what else they are voting on, that they haven't seen? If it's OK to do it for Twilight, it must be OK to do so for other films...
Originally Posted by rusted31 View Post

Score the films appropriately and not just on pre conceived notions or opinions or trailers or just because it's vanilla or a remake.
Don't tell me how to vote, my fellow countrymen. I already explained in meticulous detail my voting system. I am voting on the quality of the recommendation, not because of how classic or popular a movie is. So I'm a troll if I don't give Evil Dead an automatic +3 just because it is a classic? Twilight isn't even horror, so of course I would give that a -3. This is a horror draft.

Recommending me a horror film.. one that is underrated or that I didn't know of, will get a positive score from me no matter what. Even if I see it and don't like it. This to me, is what these drafts should be about, finding out about different horror films, not just the classics that everybody knows about. I want to give a chance to more obscure movies.

If that makes me a troll, then what a shitty world this has become. You people don't want to put any effort into anything and just do the same old thing over and over. To hell with that.. and again, stop telling me how to vote.
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