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Originally Posted by Shape View Post
Yeah, he sure did. And I was slowly starting to feel something for The Governor, his character was beginning to grow on me...until his scene with Maggie. Not cool.

Spoiler Below
Was it me, or was that Tyrese that walked off the wall of Woodbury past Andrea right before the end of the ep.?

And what the hell was up with that hermit? "I'll call the cops"...all that damn time gone by and he hasn't realized there's a zombie apocalypse happening outside and there are NO damn cops. I mean he's had to have left at least once or twice for food. You don't just hold up in a shack with no food or water in it.

Overall, it was a good episode. Shit is about to hit the fan...and of course, it's gonna go on a mid-season break.
Yeah that definitely struck me as odd when the hermit said that. But men can live in the woods for years and adapt and not come out for.

Hmmm and it's time someine wasted the governor.

His behavior tonight spoke volumes about how sadistic and evil he is but we all new that. And with Daryl and Rick going in I think we all know what will happen. You just have to kill the queen ant to destroy the colony if you know what I mean.
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