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Originally Posted by Tool Shed View Post
I think one of the issues with handing it over to the mods is that KR still pays for the forum and I would assume that most of us aren't totally familiar with messing around with plug-ins and mods for legacy. It isn't totally difficult to do the basics. I did some random design work on another forum a few years ago, and it takes a little tinkering.

I would be down for someone messing with different aspects of the forum, if KR would allow it. It is a very time consuming challenge! I respect anyone who would want to take that on.
Shed, when I said I think killrobot should give mods more administrative power to change things on Legacy, if need be, you were the ONE I was thinking of...

You, Caustic, and Klown have been around long enough to know what needs to be done and what should be done. I think if KR were to give you administrative powers this board would run SO much smoother and a lot more functional. Hopefully, sooner than later, he gets the hair to let you guys run the board completely, because I'm sure you would make it member friendly with no bull shit.

I know it takes a lot of time and effort to run a message board as big as this one but I have total faith in ya. So *fingers crossed*, someday it'll happen, because I have a few suggestions of my own that I think could really help out and make this board more personal for members.
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