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Originally Posted by Tool Shed View Post
How is the lag in this game? I have heard a lot of mixed opinions, but I am a person who has a pretty lame connection. What game would you compare it to? For reference, I am usually a 3 bar on MW2, but can play on a 2 bar. On Black Ops, it was pretty random. MW3 was nearly unplayable for me.

I turned in a shitload of change and got an Amazon giftcard, but not sure if I want to waste my money. It looks better than BLOPS1 and MW3. I played MW3 maybe two times when I bought it the second time. (My first disc got scratched by my 360, 6 days after release.)

I sort of want to wait to see people's impressions after the hype blows over. I remember people loving MW3 when it first came out, and then a month later, it seemed like people got bored of it. I still playing MW2.
I still love it. And if you set your connection to best it makes a huge difference. Takes a little longer to get in a game but it's worth it
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